Nature and Us

Water quench our thirst, air helps us to stay alive and the soil grows the food for our survival.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

Nature is part of us, and we are part of nature. But it’s sad to see that many of us have forgotten this.

Even though we are all connected, Humans have contributed to the destruction of nature more than protecting it.

These destructions have amplified during the recent past through deforestation, the development of different industries which release harmful chemicals, and the limitless usage of polytene and plastics.

So the unsustainable development of the world has caused irrecoverable damage to the environment.

In the recent past, the destruction happened in many aspects and I would like to mainly focus on two of those,

1. Deforestation

Due to the increasing no of populations, the rate of deforestation has increased.

People cut trees to find space to build their homes, for agricultural purposes, and commercial purposes.

During a year, many trees are cut down but very few trees are replanted.

Because of this mismatch, natural water sources dried out, air is polluted through fires and soil was degraded

Deforestation is also the cause for severe natural disasters like earth slip and floods. So it’s a long term problem due to the loss of forest cover.

2. Improper waste disposal

All over the world, different industries and households dispose untreated harmful waste to the environment.

This include electronic waste, polytene, and plastics and the release of harmful chemicals like lead and mercury.

This untreated waste pollutes the waterways, release harmful bacteria and reduce the fertility of soil.

This harmful waste can end up in our drinking water and food which relate to lots of health problems in the long term.

So how can we solve this problem?

We all know that industrialization and development of the world inevitable. So how can we reduce the impact to our environment?

There are few suggestions,

  1. Planting more trees



The Banyan Tree by Nadeesha Emaduwa

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