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12 Months As Per Sinhalese Calendar in Sri Lanka


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Sri Lanka is a tiny tropical island, in the Asian Continent. Though there are no seasonal changes, the temperature varies from 18C to 31C in different provinces based on the altitude. The average temperature of the country is around 27C with a few variations.

Sri Lanka is having an agriculture-based economy and the rice was the staple food. The country gets direct sunlight throughout the year and two monsoons activate the irrigation systems. Sunlight and the water are the main requirements for rice to grow, therefore for more than thousands of years there is evidence of Sri Lankan agriculture.

Sinhalese are the indigenous people of Sri Lanka, which consists of around 75% of the community. Buddhism is the main religion. Therefore, ancient Sinhalese came up with names for 12 months based on their religion, agriculture, and lifestyles.

1. April-Bak

As per Sinhalese calendar the first month of the year is April, which named as ‘Bak’. The meaning of the world ‘Bak’ is prosperity. The rice harvest usually reaps in this time and therefore it is the time of celebrations as everyone has enough food for themselves. The New Year festival of Sinhalese is also fallen this month due to the rice harvest. There are many traditional foods, games, and events are taking place this month. This is the most important and celebrated month in Sri Lanka.

2. May-Vesak

The Vesak month is another important month for the Buddhist, the majority of Sri Lanka. Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death are celebrated this month. The festival of light is celebrated with Vesak lanterns, oil lamps, and pandals. Many people offer free food and spend a spiritual life during the religious month of Vesak. Alcohol sales and killing animals are prohibited on Vesak day in Sri Lanka.

3. June- Poson

The ‘Poson’ month is also another important religious month. This celebrates the arrival of Buddhism to Sri Lanka from its neighbor country of India. This month also people offer free food, decorate homes with lights, and spend a spiritual life commemorating the day.

4. July-Esala



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