The Man who Sold A Dead Mouse — Buddhist Jataka Story

With energy and ability, great wealth comes even from small beginnings.

Once upon a time, there was a poor man, who used to walk on the streets in search of food. One day when he was at his routine to find something to eat, he saw one of the richest men in the city, who was wearing expensive clothes and jewelry. The poor man went closer to him and saw that he was holding a dead mouse in one hand. The rich man held the mouse and said to the people around him, “If one has courage and determination, even this dead mouse can make him rich”. By saying that the rich man threw the dead mouse aside and went away.

Hearing this word, the poor man thought, “why don’t I give a try? Why don’t I use my courage and determination to make myself rich”? He grabbed the dead mouse, which was left by the rich man and walked down the street.

When he was walking, the poor man saw a wealthy man in the city feeding his beautiful cat. So, this poor man went closer to him and asked “Sir, I have a dead mouse with me, which is a delicious food for a cat. Do you want it?”. The rich man said “okay give it to me” and paid him a few cents. The poor man was delighted as he could earn money for the first time in his life. Without spending it out, he thought to earn more from it. Having…



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